New Outlooks Fiction: "American 'Guy Friend'"

June 26, 2021 /  Lyra Nalan / Source

My short story (cross-cultural/romance/thriller) was featured in the New Outlooks Fiction by Asian Pasifika Arts Collective, a nonprofit organization that uses art to advocate representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Indigenous Americans in everyday life while building cross-community relationships.

Editor’s Note: Our fiction piece is a short story about the borders faced by a stranger in the strangest of lands: a college campus. Rui is a new student from China who seeks to live an “American” life, which means negotiating encounters with other Chinese and Chinese American students and navigating a problematic admirer. The inclusion of Chinese dialogue is left untranslated, not only for prosaic verisimilitude, but because it presents a different kind of border for the reader. Whether or not one is a reader of Chinese, we trust the writer’s powers at investing the reader in Rui’s journey will guide them through this work.


Read my short story here

Featured in Baltimore arts collective focused on Asians emerges from the devastation of the pandemic from The Baltimore Sun