Evelyn's Bracelet (2019)

An obsessive teen girl fantasizes about her ex-boyfriend coming back to her 24/7. But when his new girlfriend wants to be friend with her, she is forced to take a move... A dark comedy exploring obsessive love and female friendship. 

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The Fire Eater (2021)

Greta's mother wants her to be able to make a living as a fire eater like herself, but Greta is terrified of fire. When her mother suddenly passed, Greta must find her courage to take on the role she dreads about... A German expressionist silent piece exploring our secret nightmare...


Freya (2019)

When her mom's sickness begins to worsen, a lonely 9-year-old girl escapes to her fantasy world but only to find that the reality gets worse... A coming-of-age drama exploring growing up in a Chinese-American family that struggles with mental health. 

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Dark Road (2020)

A woman is under investigation for having inappropriate thoughts. She displays her rigid life routine, but something eerie pops out that shocks even herself... An experimental piece exploring repressed memory and individual identity. 


Zi (2017)

Zi lives a cautious life with her beloved husband in a country where people of her spotted skin are not welcomed. But when her husband wants her to conform the standards of the society even when she was alone at home, Zi must decide what to do... A drama exploring love and freedom in a devastating world.