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Paper Dreams 纸梦

120 mins, 4F, 2M

In the 1930’s, a Chinese woman tries to bring her daughter to the US finds herself trapped on Angel Island Immigration Station, where a mysterious creature guides her towards truths she had long since given up on. Paper Dreams reckons with the spectre of nationalism that still stalks immigrants at America’s borders by examining the ghosts of our past, present, and future.

Selected History

November 2020: West Washington University New Works Reading Series (Virtual), directed by Desdemona Chiang - Staged-Reading

March 2020: Liz Smith Reading Series at Cherry Lane Theatre (NYC), directed by Helen Young - Staged-Reading

January 2020: Baltimore Playwrights Festival (MD) - Staged-Reading

December 2019: Scripts in Play Series at Avant Bard Theatre (VA), directed by Jennifer Knight - Staged-Reading

November 2019: New Play Series at Spooky Action Theatre (D.C. 2019), directed by Jennifer Knight - Staged-Reading

May 2019: Silk Road Theatre (Chicago), directed by Corey Pond - Staged-Reading

March 2019: Brokenbell Read (Chicago) - Workshop

January 2018: Three Cats Production, directed by Helen Young - Staged-Reading


2020 Judith Royer Excellence in Playwriting Award

2020 Semi-Finalist for Eugene O'Neil National Playwrights Conference; L. Arnold Weissberger Award Nominee

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The Peachlanders 桃源中人

120 mins, 5F, 1M

Two young Chinese women crash into a fable land where people live a long and youthful life in harmony with nature, and they must choose to stay there forever or leave and never come back.​ The Peach Landers investigates the viability of a Daoist utopia and its ideals against the duality of human nature.

Selected History
November 2021: New Play Workshop (streaming) - Staged Reading
October 2021: Avant Bard Theatre (in-person) - Staged Reading
June 2021: Horticultural Playwrights' Workshop (Virtual) - Stage Reading
December 2020: Horticultural Playwrights' Workshop (Virtual) - Stage Reading


The Blue Moon 蓝月

110mins, 4F, 2M

In a society where people are required to wear a device to monitor harmful emotions and irregular heartbeat, an inquisitive teen girl starts to realize the conniving nature of the device after befriending a boy with a bad reputation. However, as she devotes herself to unveil the scheme of the device to the people, she has more doubt in what to believe, and whom to believe.

Selected History
April 2020: Playwrights' Center Workshop (Virtual) - Table Read
May 2020: Playwrights' Center Apprenticeship Finalist

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Nü Wa and Her Hero女娲和她的英雄

120min, 3F, 3M

In the time of Tyranny, a powerful goddess decides to create a hero to fix her terrible mistake. A gifted child is born to a mortal family to save the world, but he turns out to be a spoiled little brat who ends up causing her more troubles... An Epic Comedy inspired by 封神演义(fengshengyanyi), a 15th Century Chinese mythology saga. 

Selected History
May 2019: Northwestern University (IL), directed by Danielle Roos - Staged-Reaing


The Golden Son 独生子
90min, 3F, 3M
Li has it all-- a stable job, a beautiful fiance, and a mother who helps him navigate life. However, after his troublesome cousin asks him for a law-breaking favor in exchange for remedy of their past. He comes to face in face with the clash between his mother's expectation and his own desire.

Selected History
December 2016: Cafritz Theatre (MD) - Second Season Production
May 2015: Page-to-Page Festival at The Kennedy Center

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The Flood in the Future 未来的洪水
20min, 2F, 1M, TYA
After Goddess Nü Wa warns her of an apocalyptic flood that results from water contamination, a young girl decides to give up her youth to save the world. However, she soon learns that an individual’s power is never enough. 

July - September 2021: Fairy Tales in the Sun Series at Adventure Theatre MTC (2021) - Commissioned TYA Production

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The Peony Soul 花魂
15 min, 3F, TYA
A nine-year-old girl learns to take care of her mother who suffers a chronic mental illness with the help of a Peony Fairy. 

May 2021: DMV Q-Fest 2.0 - TYA Zoom Production by Adventure Theatre MTC


The Snow Zither 雪琴
15 min, 3F, TYA
A girl moves the Snow Goddess with her beautiful music, so the goddess helps her travel to the underworld to see her grandfather one last time, with her opinionated cat. 

July 2021: DMV Q-Fest 3.0 - TYA Zoom Production by Adventure Theatre MTC